Getting Started in Boy Scouts

Joining Boy Scouts is easy. Just follow these 3 easy steps:

1) Complete the appropriate forms. The troop requires 3 forms plus a registration payment.

- A completed BSA application is required. This application contains carbon copies for distribution to the troop, council, and your records. This form can be obtained from our membership chairperson at one of our troop meetings.

- A completed Troop 29 Membership Enrollment Form is required for the Troop's records. A copy is attached below.

- As of 2021, the membership registration fee for a Scout is $120. For families with more than one Scout, the dues for every additional Scout is $100. Webelos who transfer to Troop 29 as part of a crossover have a fee of $60, which covers them for the remainder of the calendar year. Additionally, Scouts can elect to receive a subscription to the monthly Scouting magazine for $12/year. After registration is completed, Troop 29 will provide to you a Boy Scout handbook, a neckerchief w/ slide, epaulets, and a 2 and a 9 for your uniform.

The completed forms and payment should be submitted to our Membership Coordinator. They can be contacted via email at:

2) Don an official uniform. Scouts generally wear a 'Class A' Boy Scout uniform to troop meetings and when we travel. Some of our events are formal and require the full uniform, while others are much less formal. Uniform items can be purchased at any Boy Scout Shop. The nearest Scout Shop in Arlington Heights. See the following Council page for details/hours.

3) Have fun! You will start out by attending one of our troop weekly meetings, where you will be introduced to the Troop and start your journey.

The troop meetings schedule and location information are listed on our home page and on the calendar.

Parents should read the Youth Protection Guide with their boy before starting any Boy Scout activities. The guide is a removable pamphlet located in the front of the Boy Scout Handbook.

Joining as an Adult

Our Boy Scouts need adult volunteers for many positions, including Assistant Scoutmasters, Committee Members, Merit Badge Counselors, and others.

Adults must also complete an Adult membership application. The fee is paid by the Troop. See the Membership Coordinator for details.