Youth & Adult Leadership Positions

Youth Leaders

At it's heart, Scouting is about giving youth opportunities to practice and develop leadership skills in appropriate and increasingly challenging situations.

Starting with the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) at the top of the organization. Scouts are offered a number of leadership roles and positions necessary for the smooth operation of a Scout Troop. Actively serving in a leadership role is also an important requirement for rank advancement.

  • Senior Patrol Leader

  • Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

  • Patrol Leader

  • Troop Guide

  • Webmaster

  • Scribe

  • Chaplain's Aide

  • Bugler

  • Den Chief

Scout Leaders

The Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster's (ASMs) are the adults charged with working directly with the Scouts. It is their job to assure that the best possible scouting program is delivered by directing, guiding, mentoring and empowering the youth leaders. Scout leaders at Troop 29 are all parents of youth in the unit, are trained for their position as well as receiving bi-annual youth safety training.

Perhaps most importantly, they set the example for the youth by their own character and behavior. They wear the uniform and work together as a patrol model for the scouts.

The motto for the leaders at Troop 29 is "Train them, Trust them, Let them Lead!"

Troop Committee

The committee does not work directly with the youth, but instead it takes care of the "business end" of things for the troop. They are responsible for providing the resources and support needed for the troop to function and operate smoothly so that the Scoutmaster Corps can focus on the mission of developing youth leaders.

Committee members are usually parents of current scouts, former leaders of the Troop, or other community members with an interest in supporting scouting.

An important part of the Committee also includes the Chartered Organization Representative who is appointed by the Troop's chartering organization.

At Troop 29 our adult leaders are parents of scouts in the Troop. All adult leaders complete a background check, are trained for their specific scouting position and must complete bi-annual training in youth protection.